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Monthly Body Post
Work out - Helo/Kara - BSG
So I've joined the Medical Fitness program at the hospital where I work. They have a gym with awesome new machines and a system that tracks your workouts. There are also personal trainers who help you plan your workouts and goals. My first goal is strengthening and getting my injuries under control. I want to be able to give my nephews piggy back rides when they are old enough! The only way to do that is strengthening. Also my self esteem usually goes way up when I am lifting regularly. So, workouts. In order to try and track my progress and give myself a push each month I am going to try to post pics of myself.

Don't mind the sweaty face. :p

Workout 1 Nov13

Workout 2 Nov13

My first workout went well, but two days later and my shoulder still hurts. :( I was going to have my second session this morning, but between my comfy bed and pain I didn't go. Time to talk to one of the trainers and make some adjustments.

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*gets pom-poms out*

Come On, you can do it!

Not sure about you but I have bad tendency to inflammation which is worse in problem joints (wrist and left shoulder). As a result, I've found I actually need to ease into lifting or running with lower impact workouts (yoga) or low intensity sessions. This can be either lower level of weights than what trainers want you using, or bare minimum of reps instead of reps to exhaustion. Plus plenty of NSAIDs after to control lactase buildup in muscles.

Inflammation is my NEMESIS. I have a new NSAID that my doc has me trying and lots of stretching/yoga/etc in between the easing into lifing days. I have to keep reminding myself that Rome was not built in a day, and I did not get out of shape in only a day either. *headdesk*

Listen to jebbypal for she is wise. You rock, sweetheart! I need to get back into going to the gym.

Ahahahaha I love that gif! Thank you darling. :)

Good luck! You can do it!

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