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Friday Five
Afraid of the wolf - Lydia - TW
1. Growing up, what was your favorite thing about your birthday?
Having a day that I could spend with just the people I wanted to see.

2. What was the best present you've ever receieved?
My brother came home from Iraq in time for my 28th birthday.

3. What kind of cake did you usually have at your party?
CHOCOLATE of course. :p When I was a kid it aslo had a fabulous decoration picked out from the local grocery store.

4. Did you have 2 separate parties: one for family, one for friends?
In elementary school yes, but by Jr/Sr high I just made my BFF come to my family party.

5. Do you still have birthday parties?
Yup! For my 30th this year we had a Lord of the Rings marathon and ate an unholy amount of junk food. For my next one I am hoping to get a group together for a UW Badger Women's hockey game.


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