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Friday Five
Giggle - Rachel/Mercedes - Glee
1. Is there someone on your friends list that you haven't met in real life that you love completely?
Molly. Lisa. LARIA. Someday I will get to meet all three of you fabulous ladies.

2. Have you [wanted to] date someone on LJ?
Not yet!

3. Have you met someone/wanted to meet someone from LJ? Who?
sabaceanbabe and I met in person after I came to LJ, while gollumgollum and I met in person and then became LJ friends. Oh goodness and my BEANS! And starlingthefool!

Why do I feel like I'm forgetting someone?

I have so many people on my flist that I would love to meet. Why can't I be paid to visit my friends? :p

4. Who have you known the longest from your flist?
Karen I think? NO OMG HEATHER. I can't remember her LJ name, but we went to Waterloo together. :D

5. Who are you closest to?
Karen and k8. I don't know what I would do without you guys.

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Right back at you, sweetheart. ♥

I'm Heather! I admit that I've just been lurking lately and haven't posted anything in a good while. I still read everything!

I knew it was something with fairies! :p

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