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Goals/To-do list
Woman of strength - Athena - BSG
Fandom related:
*Keep up on LJ


Spiritual related:
*Meditate, yoga, nature walk. Repeat.

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Just to make you feel a little better about your to-read list, I have approximately 350 fics waiting. *headdesk*

To sticky this to the top, just change the date on the post to something in the future. I think there's also an option when you do that to keep it at the top or something like that.

BTW, it's "lose" not "loose." Common mistake. :) *hug*

o_O o_O o_O
Ok so I no longer feel that my list is too ambitious. :P

Ah, excellent, thank you!

What's sad is that I know that, I just type way too fast. *rolls eyes at self*

Tahmoh! Tahmoh in a suit! *grabby hands*

^^You said you want Tahmoh in a suit?

*babbles incoherently*


Hey there ***waves***
I'm new here and I keep running into people I know. Still, I have to ask, can I friend you?

You should see my's huge and completely useless,lol,and I'll probably will get to all the things listed somewhere before next New Year :)
Wish I can do anything to help besides giving my full support.

I just left you two rambling comments on your first post. ^_^ Of course you can friend me!

Goals are hard for other people to support, mostly cause you have to actually be here to slap my hands away from the cookies. lol
I thank you for the e-support! :D

I would never slap you for eating cookies, I like them way to much...but I can always remind you to work those cookies out...:)

I'm with you on keeping up with LJ! I stink lately, lol.

I need to start meditating/yoga sometime. I need some balance again. :)

WORD to that girl. *hugs* I feel like I am being swept away by life and the Universe is laughing at me. Stupid fall/winter crap weather doesn't help.

I think you can cross something off your list because you rock like awesomesauce!! :D

OMG YOU ARE SO RIGHT!!! XD XD XD Thanks sweetie!! <3

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