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Semi-Friends Only
Afraid of the wolf - Lydia - TW
I post A LOT about my personal life and my faith these days, though I still do get into fandom squee from time to time. ^_^  Any graphics that I do are also public, but with my current time crunch I'm not able to create as much as I would like. Get to know me in comments and I will be glad to add you!

Goals/To-do list
Woman of strength - Athena - BSG
Fandom related:
*Keep up on LJ


Spiritual related:
*Meditate, yoga, nature walk. Repeat.

Fangirl - Ginny Weasly - HP


I don't know how to make this link pretty: http://f-march-madness.livejournal.com

Presentng: An Anatomy Lesson From a Brown Bear
Giggle - Rachel/Mercedes - Glee
For gollumgollum :)

Originally posted by icanhaschzbrgr at Presentng: An Anatomy Lesson From a Brown Bear

Friday Five
Giggle - Rachel/Mercedes - Glee
1. Is there someone on your friends list that you haven't met in real life that you love completely?
Molly. Lisa. LARIA. Someday I will get to meet all three of you fabulous ladies.

2. Have you [wanted to] date someone on LJ?
Not yet!

3. Have you met someone/wanted to meet someone from LJ? Who?
sabaceanbabe and I met in person after I came to LJ, while gollumgollum and I met in person and then became LJ friends. Oh goodness and my BEANS! And starlingthefool!

Why do I feel like I'm forgetting someone?

I have so many people on my flist that I would love to meet. Why can't I be paid to visit my friends? :p

4. Who have you known the longest from your flist?
Karen I think? NO OMG HEATHER. I can't remember her LJ name, but we went to Waterloo together. :D

5. Who are you closest to?
Karen and k8. I don't know what I would do without you guys.

Crafting until the end of time
Coffee Nails
I've started to make some decent headway into my Yulemas cross stitch list:
*Two ornaments down and one to go.
*I still need to finalize which patterns I am using for the towels. And then buy the towels. And then cross stitch them. Ugh.
*I have two pillows in various states of done and two that haven't been started. These take FOREVER. And cause my hands to go slightly numb. :( I need fabric for the back of J's since I forgot that she hates pink. *headdesk* At least I have fabric for the other one? The two that haven't been started are for the roommates, so I am less concerned about getting them done on time lol. The one I have finished is for Daniel-san and it is AMAZEBALLS. I need to be reminded of this often so I don't give up on the others.
*Nephew M is getting the cutest bib EVER if I do say so myself. I'm not sure if the elephants on it are meant to be dancing or ice skating but either way they are ADORABLE.

Friday Five
Afraid of the wolf - Lydia - TW
1. Growing up, what was your favorite thing about your birthday?
Having a day that I could spend with just the people I wanted to see.

2. What was the best present you've ever receieved?
My brother came home from Iraq in time for my 28th birthday.

3. What kind of cake did you usually have at your party?
CHOCOLATE of course. :p When I was a kid it aslo had a fabulous decoration picked out from the local grocery store.

4. Did you have 2 separate parties: one for family, one for friends?
In elementary school yes, but by Jr/Sr high I just made my BFF come to my family party.

5. Do you still have birthday parties?
Yup! For my 30th this year we had a Lord of the Rings marathon and ate an unholy amount of junk food. For my next one I am hoping to get a group together for a UW Badger Women's hockey game.

Friday Five! (from last week cause I fail)
Fangirl - Ginny Weasly - HP
1.Which super power would you have, if you could only have one: flight or invisibility?
FLIGHT so that I can stop injuring myself when I fall ALL THE DAMN TIME.

2.Who is your favorite, fictional super-being?
Rogue from X-Men. :D

3.If you could have any, one super-power, would you use it to change the world?
I'm not sure if this question is asking what one super power I want or if I would change the world with my super powers? *headdesk* Yes I would end up using my powers, if you don't use your powers you go insane and explode. I would want the power to heal people.

4.Can you see yourself becomming either a "hero" or a "villain"?
I can see myself becoming the villain who set out trying to make the world better and then got very frustrated. I would be self-righteous in trying to make a new world where everyone can be equal.

5.For your secret identity, what would be your occupation of choice and why?
Private Investigator, it gives you flexible hours and a good excuse for interest in dead bodies. :p

Monthly Body Post
Work out - Helo/Kara - BSG
So I've joined the Medical Fitness program at the hospital where I work. They have a gym with awesome new machines and a system that tracks your workouts. There are also personal trainers who help you plan your workouts and goals. My first goal is strengthening and getting my injuries under control. I want to be able to give my nephews piggy back rides when they are old enough! The only way to do that is strengthening. Also my self esteem usually goes way up when I am lifting regularly. So, workouts. In order to try and track my progress and give myself a push each month I am going to try to post pics of myself.

Pics!Collapse )

My first workout went well, but two days later and my shoulder still hurts. :( I was going to have my second session this morning, but between my comfy bed and pain I didn't go. Time to talk to one of the trainers and make some adjustments.

Yay Kermit
I made it home from Ohio! And I saw hockey! Now to SLEEP ALL THE SLEEP. And then haircut and my mile long to do list. :S