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Friday Five! (from last week cause I fail)
Fangirl - Ginny Weasly - HP
1.Which super power would you have, if you could only have one: flight or invisibility?
FLIGHT so that I can stop injuring myself when I fall ALL THE DAMN TIME.

2.Who is your favorite, fictional super-being?
Rogue from X-Men. :D

3.If you could have any, one super-power, would you use it to change the world?
I'm not sure if this question is asking what one super power I want or if I would change the world with my super powers? *headdesk* Yes I would end up using my powers, if you don't use your powers you go insane and explode. I would want the power to heal people.

4.Can you see yourself becomming either a "hero" or a "villain"?
I can see myself becoming the villain who set out trying to make the world better and then got very frustrated. I would be self-righteous in trying to make a new world where everyone can be equal.

5.For your secret identity, what would be your occupation of choice and why?
Private Investigator, it gives you flexible hours and a good excuse for interest in dead bodies. :p

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#4 Reminds me of Castiel. He tries so very hard to do the right thing and yet........ Poor Cass :(

Yay Rogue! ♥

Yeah, I see myself going the way of Cas lol.


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