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Crafting until the end of time
Coffee Nails
I've started to make some decent headway into my Yulemas cross stitch list:
*Two ornaments down and one to go.
*I still need to finalize which patterns I am using for the towels. And then buy the towels. And then cross stitch them. Ugh.
*I have two pillows in various states of done and two that haven't been started. These take FOREVER. And cause my hands to go slightly numb. :( I need fabric for the back of J's since I forgot that she hates pink. *headdesk* At least I have fabric for the other one? The two that haven't been started are for the roommates, so I am less concerned about getting them done on time lol. The one I have finished is for Daniel-san and it is AMAZEBALLS. I need to be reminded of this often so I don't give up on the others.
*Nephew M is getting the cutest bib EVER if I do say so myself. I'm not sure if the elephants on it are meant to be dancing or ice skating but either way they are ADORABLE.

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i remember the days when i would craft stuff for xmas gifts...did the same thing one year with needlepoint...was late with a few..just did not have enough time to finish!! poor planning on my part for sure!! good luck!!

Dude I am CLEARLY INSANE. :p I decided to do all the pillows last and am on my final ornament. The rubber part of the ornament that came with the kit BROKE and so now I am trying to rig something else together lol.

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